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An African Night Sky

There’s nothing quite like the African night sky.

Here, there is no such thing as perfect stillness – how could there be, when the heartbeat of this vibrant continent echoes like a drumbeat through every moment? Against this backdrop, the millions of stars spilling across the sky burn like fire – a fire which the designer strives to capture in each unique piece.

These 14ct pieces are inspired by the designer’s memorable safari experiences in her magnificent homeland. Unique and versatile, they are equally eye-catching when worn as a single statement piece, or layered with other pieces from the collection.

Protea Wildfire

Inspired by the national flower of South Africa, Kirsten Drew’s home, the Protea Wildfire Collection is as unique and remarkable as this flower itself.

What makes this plant truly special is its ability to grow even in difficult conditions: its thick underground stem contains many dormant buds which spring to life in a profusion of glorious colour, even if the plant’s home ground has been scorched by fire.

It’s a true testament of strength, resilience and the power to overcome – much as a strong woman will rise, no matter what life throws at her.


Isimo sowesifanze – in zulu translates to shape of a woman.

A woman is multi-facetted being so why should her jewelry be anything less.

Kirsten drew wanted to design a collection that symbolized those many facets whether a collection which was versatile and could be worn in a number of ways layered , alone , or linked and with so many options on how to wear these pieces. There is nothing quite like this collection out there.

"A statement to the modern woman and all her many facets."