Care & Repair


We take enormous pride in the outstanding quality of our range; with each piece designed and crafted with infinite care.

You can preserve the immaculate state of your jewelry with proper care and maintenance. Take time to inspect it regularly to ensure each piece is in good condition: check that clasps and settings are in order and fit securely, and avoid exposure to water (through swimming in chlorinated pools or the sea, bathing or showering) as well as chemicals and substances containing bleach or ammonia. It’s a good idea to put your jewelry on after dressing so that your special pieces do not come into contact with cosmetics and perfumes.

Keep your pieces safe and scratch-free when not in use by storing them separately, flat, in their original cases; alternatively, in a soft pouch or lined box.


Avoid cleaning gold jewelry with creamy cleansers which may contain abrasives that may cause scratching. Instead, use a non-abrasive cleaner and blot each piece dry with a soft chamois cloth after rinsing.


Gemstones may be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner; however, avoid abrasive or ultrasonic cleaners. Gemstones should be protected from extreme changes in temperature, and hot solutions and exposure to household chemicals should be avoided.


Tarnish on silver typically comes about from exposure to elements (especially those containing sulfur), air and dust. Storing silver in leather pouches contributes to this process. However, tarnish may be removed with the use of a specially-formulated, non-abrasive polish. Remember always to read the label before use, and take extra care when cleaning items that are set with gemstones.


Please check the size guide. page. Although we understand that no two hands are the same size, the nature of our product means that we cannot stock every size. However, if you are not able to find your size, please do not hesitate to email us directly at to place a special order.

Because we cannot be held responsible for incorrect sizing, please make sure you have measured your finger correctly. Remember to order the next size up for interlinked or broad rings. We’re happy to guide and advise you – simply mail for assistance.


We take pride in offering beautiful items of the highest quality, sustainable sourced and crafted with immense care. However, if your Kirsten Drew piece requires repair, please contact Our Repair Representative will be in touch to evaluate the item, as each repair is handled on an individual basis. We will request a photograph so that we can determine whether the damage is the result of a factory fault; if this is the case, we will be happy to handle the repair. Please ensure that your item is Insured at retail value. Kirsten Drew cannot be held responsible for losses or missing stones.

Any pieces that has been delivered broken will repaired at no cost. Please inform the repairs department ( immediately with photos of the item and a repair form will be sent to you. The item must be returned within 8 (eight) days of receipt. We will replace the faulty product, if the product is no longer available, we may suggest an exchange for a product. If you opt for a more expensive product, you will be charged only the difference in price, and Kirsten Drew will deduct the original cost. To Repair/ Return a product, please email We will respond with a Repair Authorisation Number, which is necessary to make the return. You will also be required to supply addition information on the return/exchange form. We will supply a shipping waybill, which may be affixed to the sealed package. Please be sure to use no other waybill, besides that which has been issued to you.

Please note that customers who repeatedly return items or cancel orders will be considered in violation of our Conditions of Sale. We reserve the right to refuse future orders and close your account.