We believe that every single one of us – individual and corporate alike – has a duty in terms of sustainability. That’s why every area of our operations, from policy to practice, has been developed and designed with the wellbeing of our environment and communities in mind.

Our goal is to create a company that not only brings our customers joy through our beautiful, high quality pieces, but which operates with purpose – and, in so doing, plays a role in creating a more promising future.

Drawing on the learnings of our founder, Kirsten Drew, who holds an MBA in leadership and sustainability, we have ensured that our ethos and principles uphold the tenets of sustainability. This commitment is visible in our approach to our management of environmental resources, our accent on energy efficient processes, and our insistence on responsible waste disposal.

We hold transparency and ethics in the highest regard: our diamonds are all ethically sourced, in a manner which supports the livelihoods of local communities and contributes to job creation. We believe in strong leadership, impeccable governance and accountability.

We understand that sustainability is a complex concept, one that requires a constant balance, which is why we are constantly striving to improve our efforts in this regard – because we also understand that we simply cannot allow the desires of the current generation to impact on the needs of the next.